Online Assessment with CABS

CABS Online

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We have now expanded the interactive CABS Online website to a total of 79 demonstrations at the five levels. This exciting development provides numerous activities which require integrated reading, writing, math and basic computer skills in a variety of realistic assessment environments based on the CABS 3rd edition manual.

A Brief History of Common Assessment of Basic Skills (CABS)

LLEO has been the developer of the CABS approach to common assessment since the first edition of the manual came out in 1995. However, because that first edition was largely skills-based, a second edition, produced by LLEO in 1997, introduced the use of learning outcomes demonstrations for initial assessments. Finally, the third edition, published by LLEO in 2000, incorporated criteria from the 5-level matrix and the supplemental Level Descriptions (OLC, 1999 & 2000) to remain relevant to evolving LBS practice.

In CABS, the assessment of learning outcomes is accomplished through realistic tasks or problem solving. Students engage in integrated activities (the demonstrations) which are meaningful and relevant to their goals. The demonstrations take place within authentic contexts and use appropriate materials. Assessing these types of activities is increasingly considered to provide the most suitable evidence of students' abilities to integrate and apply knowledge, skills, reasoning, and good judgement. (Introducing the Level Descriptions, Assessment Training, Ontario Literacy Coalition, May 1999). Throughout its development, CABS has striven to remain an informal, participatory, adult learner-centred, academically sound tool which is valid and meaningful to our students and all associated stakeholders.

CABS 3rd Edition
Yes, the 3rd Edition of the CABS manual is still available! To order the CABS manual, please print, complete and fax us the order form.

Common Assessment of Essential Skills
The Common Assessment of Essential Skills (CAES) resource accompanies the CABS 3rd Edition manual. The CAES tool identifies the Essential Skills embedded in the 79 activities of the CABS manual. To order the CAES resource, please print, complete and fax us the order form.