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Aligning Ten Employment Services Workshops with the OALCF

In 2013-2014, Employment Ontario funded Literacy Link Eastern Ontario to align 10 employment services workshops with the OALCF. This Service Delivery Network Development Fund project resulted in identifying the Competencies and Levels required for adults to successfully complete these workshops. These alignment charts are also intended to foster accurate referrals between LBS and ES agencies.

Three of the workshops (CPR/First Aid, Fall Arrest and Smart Serve) are certified and are recognized across the province.

Digital Technology 'How-To' Videos

Sometimes you just want to see how to use Digital Technology. The 'How-to' Sheets are now also available as short videos. Check them out!

Digital Technology 'How-to' Sheets

As our world becomes more reliant on being able to use digital technology, we are faced with new challenges and opportunities. It is becoming increasingly important that we embrace digital technology in order to communicate with family and friends, perform tasks at work and complete further education and training. In fact, many of us have to learn new digital technologies to keep up with and communicate with our children and grandchildren!

Use Digital Technology 'How-to' Sheets

Aligning Literacy Link Eastern Ontario's Assessment Tools (ALAT) with the Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework (OALCF)

The ALAT resources are the result of aligning Common Assessment of Basic Skills (CABS), CABS Online and Workplace Essential Skills Assessment (WESA) with the OALCF. Along with a User Guide, alignment charts provide the user with the OALCF Competencies and Levels for the assessment activities/tasks. Each chart also has a column suggesting the Goal Path(s) for each activity/task.

Aligning Literacy Link Eastern Ontario's Occupational Curricula (ALOC) with the Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework (OALCF)

The ALOC resources are the results of aligning ten of LLEO's Occupational Curricula with the OALCF. Two charts are provided for each curriculum. One is a detailed chart that indicates the rationale for the decisions (based on the OALCF Performance Descriptors) and includes an Introduction. The second chart indicates the Competencies and Levels for quick reference.

LLEO Resources

The following guide provides tips to assist you to identify clients who need to improve their Literacy and Essential Skills:
Literacy and Essential Skills Awareness Guide - English
Literacy and Essential Skills Awareness Guide - French

LLEO Resources for Sale

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